Joint Statement of the Speakers of Parliaments
of Georgia, the Republic of Moldova and Ukraine

We, the Speakers of Parliaments of Georgia, the Republic of Moldova and Ukraine reaffirm our commitment to European integration as the most effective tool for providing security, prosperity, and long-term stable and democratic development for our countries.

We recognize the significance of the Eastern Partnership (EaP) as a vigorous mechanism for promoting reforms in this regard.

We reaffirm that the implementation of the Association Agreements/Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Areas with the EU is a key commitment of all three associated partners. We recognize that the process of approximation creates favorable conditions for functional integration of Georgia, the Republic of Moldova and Ukraine in the EU. Therefore, the AAs and related documents will serve as a blueprint for intensive cooperation with the EU for the next few years.

We, as speakers of supreme legislative bodies, express our readiness to play an important role in ensuring timely and effective implementation of our countries’ commitments to legislative approximation, greater prospects of integration, and rigorous parliamentary oversight in this regard.

We reconfirm adherence to and respect for the norms and principles of international law pertaining to sovereignty and territorial integrity, as well as to the principle of host country consent to the presence of foreign troops. In this context, we are deeply concerned that Russian troops are still deployed on the sovereign territory of the Republic of Moldova, while Russian occupation and other forms of military intervention continue in the regions of Georgia and Ukraine.

We are deeply concerned with external coordinated support provided to separatist movements, inciting to hatred based on ethnicity and language; information operations using media, social networks and internet; discreditation of governmental decisions aimed at closer EU/NATO integration with propaganda messages, invented accusations and absurd historical parallels.

We are deeply concerned with deteriorated security and humanitarian situation in the conflict regions. We condemn the systematic and serious violations of human rights, including illegal detentions, murders and impunity for those in charge, in occupied regions of Georgia and Ukraine, limitation of property rights, and other types of discriminatory and unlawful acts.

We recognize that resilience of our societies and our response to security challenges lies primarily in our own achievements in further strengthening democratic institutions and increasing prosperity of citizens.

We appreciate our partners’ solid commitment to our development and aspirations towards democratic consolidation, stability, peace, and sustainable economic development.

We call on the Governments of Georgia, the Republic of Moldova and Ukraine to develop joint ambitious commitments supplemented by proper mechanisms to deepen our defense and security cooperation, strengthen capabilities against hybrid threats, and implement integrated infrastructural and energy projects.

We call on all stakeholders to support initiatives aimed at investigating and properly responding to the illegal state-led attempts undermining territorial integrity, national security, and democratic foundations of our states.

We call upon our colleagues in the EU Member States and the EU Institutions as well as the United States to stay engaged and to continue to support Georgia, the Republic of Moldova and Ukraine on a challenging, but rewarding path of democratic reforms.